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Celebrating Diwali With Indian Products Only !!

The most viral topic going on these days “Celebrating Diwali With Indian Products Only !!” . Every year we celebrate our festivals and uses imported products in some way, Even i am writing this blog using an keyboard imported from other country. It is true, we don’t have that great infrastructure and we are not fully liberal in manufacturing all goods, but this applies to every country or even to human being, every one is blessed with a special ability. Some speaks good, some write great and like that. But there is always a scope of improvement, we are not giving any kind of political message, rather it is an attempt to let our nation know we are good in many things and we can do that we want. We just need put that effort and work accordingly.

SMSMonster team requests everyone to maximum the use of Indian products and lighten our nation with Eco-friendly light  “Dia”. We are lightening our office and homes with “Dia”, What you think ?decision is yours ? Try to maximize the use of  “Dia”, because when you buy “Dia”, your are lightening the house of a “potter” too.

Again “Wishing You A Happy & Safe Diwali