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What is SMS Marketing ?

SMS marketing means, using SMS as a channel for promoting your business. Bulk SMS service give s you flexibility to target 1000s of potential customers with your informative messages in just a single click. Even big companies are opting this strategy, to promote their products and service. Bulk SMS has become a hot cake for […]

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Why Should I Go For Bulk SMS Service ?

Why Should I Go For Bulk SMS Service ? Businesses these days have crossed the local boundaries, now we can sell our products and services worldwide. We do not have any restrictions, technology has given us opportunity to expand and grow business globally. We have many tools like internet, emails, online advertisement¬†etc, that allow us […]

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What makes SMS a smartest marketing tool ?

There are lots of marketing tolls available to generate good business like emails, paid advertisements, business promotion on social platforms like Facebook, twitter etc. However SMS marketing is always a preferred choice of digital marketers, as it let you reach directly to your customer inbox and as an average around 655 of SMS are being […]

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