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How to achieve more than 90% Of SMS delivery rate ?

It is a dream of every digital marketer to get best conversion of the campaign created by him. But question id  How ? . If you are involved in SMS marketing campaign, it is very much important to assure the best delivery.

Maximum SMS delivery means Maximum conversion”

As far as SMS delivery is concerned, If you choose the right bulk SMS channel and you have active set of mobile numbers, then you can easily have 100% SMs delivery.

Here are few important factors that effect the SMS delivery rate :

  1. SMS Channel : Sometime people get starting using some cheap SMS route, which finally ended up with frustration and worst result, because if you are going with some provider who is offering SMs at lowest price, then you should be prepared of worst result of you SMS campaign, because “Low price” means “Low priority SMS route”. So be smart search the market in proper manner and choos ethe best bulk SMS service provider.
  2. Mobile List : If the mobile numbers you ant to target is not 100% active, then you wont be able to active 100% deliver, So always keep the best data you have. Please check the screenshot result of SMS campaign created by my clients, both are using the same SMS route, but there was a lot difference in there database.
    how to get more than 90% SMS delivery
    Above is the real figure, Client A is getting only 71.1% delivery while Client B is getting 99% delivery. So is better have active and optin data.
  3. SMS Type : There are two kind of SMS, Promotional & TransactionalPromotional route never gives 100% delivery, but transactional route can give you 100% delivery. The reason for this is Ptomotional SMs are not delivered to those number where DND ( Do Not Disturb ) service is activated.

    If you assure the above three major factors are working fine, the you will surely get upto 100%,

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